High Quality Firewood

Our logs are dried using a 500kw drying floor to make sure you get the best value out of your firewood, we use the highest quality logs which are perfect for providing heat in your home or for your appliances. Because our logs are dried it gives you a clean burn and an optimal KW/H.

Moisture Content

Low moisture content to make sure the wood burns hotter for longer

Sustainably sourced

Our suppliers replant the trees supplied to make sure we do not impact the environment, our fuel is more efficient and cleaner than other fossil fuels like gas, coal and oil

Free local delivery

Free delivery is available, contact us for details

Contact us today for a quote, we offer outstanding prices with high quality installations.

Firewood Out of Stock

Please note before you enquire we do not have any stock for firewood for the near future, we will notify you here the minute this changes, please check back in the future but to avoid wasting your time enquiring be aware we dont have any stock right now.


High Quality


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