Pyle Garden Centre

Project Introduction

The owners Pyle Garden Centre approached us with a design of the new garden centre build they requested. Our reputation has helped us secure this work.

Project Description

A total of only 3 people constructed the sizeable garden centre on time and within budget. The intention was to populate the new garden centre building with shops offering various goods. The length and width of the garden centre building was 24 metres and 14 metres, respectively.

The customer managed the supply of materials. As the project progressed, we were proactive in progressing to achieve other milestones of the project whilst waiting for materials to be delivered.

Project scope

Laser levels were used for the roof to ensure total accuracy with very little tolerance - measurements needed to be within half a millimetre of accuracy. The laser levels were also used for setting the posts in line and setting their height - construction needed to be laser-accurate.

As well as the numerous technical challenges, the weather also posed as another challenge, and one of which was unpredictable.

Project Pyle Garden Centre
Project Start Date
Est Completion Time 4 weeks WKS
Company Name Pyle Garden Centre