Octagonal outdoor classroom

Project Introduction

Outdoor classroom and play area

Project Description

This was a project we undertook for Cardiff county council, they wanted us to create an outdoor play and classroom environment where they could use advanced learning techniques all year round. They requested an area that would be able to hold up to 30 children at a time and to be able to teach the children outdoors without being impacted by the wonderful Welsh weather.

Project scope

There were a few challenges with this project, timescales were quite tight due to the start of school which meant this project had to be completed within a stated time scale, the school term started on the 3rd of September so we had to make sure the project was completed by then. In order for us to complete the project on time we made the decision to build most of the structure on site at the log depot yard and transport it to the school to build, this brought about a few challenges in itself but with our great workforce and experience we were able to increase the hours we did at the yard so we just had to do the build on site.

Project Octagonal outdoor classroom
Project Start Date August, 2018
Est Completion Time 4 WKS
Company Name Howardian Primary School - Cardiff Council