Pirate Ship Playground Project Wales



The pirate ship we hand-crafted attracted attention from the moment it was built. This project was commissioned by ourselves and not by a customer’s request.  We wanted to show what we are capable of by creating a unique playground piece to add to our growing portfolio.

Custom Pirate Ship Project

We created the pirate ship project to see what we could achieve with a budget while we had the time available, we decided we wanted it to look better than anything we have seen.  This project has generated huge interest from the start and there was a number of parties willing to re-home her but she is now situated in Knockhatch Adventure Park.

The pirate ship took 4 weeks to build and it was hand-crafted solely by Steven. Most hand-crafted pirate ship displays consist of a straight-edged front, whereas ours was constructed with a leaning front for a bow effect. The pirate ship is an impressive 11 metres in length.

Work Scope

We wanted to deliver this for the lowest budget we could and learn from some of the challenges that we would encounter, we do this to make every project in the future even better and pass the savings on to our great customers.

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Pirate Ship

Project Date July 2016
Completion Time 4 Weeks
Company Name Knockhatch Adventure Park