Oak Mantels

Oak wood is the most durable wood made for decorative furniture, fireplace and flooring designs.Oak has around 600 species of wood but only a few are good for making good furniture. The wood preferred for mantels has attractive grain marks, it is strong, and it has a high density. Mainly oak wood is used for making European Oak furniture.Oak belongs to a group of wood found in North Africa and Europe known as Quercus Robor.  Oak wood makes mantels that convey a deep depth in the way its texture looks like.Red Oak is used to make fireplace mantels because it has a good color and texture and it comes from the Southern regions of America.  Fireplaces need to have a good combination of width, color, and length.  Also, the wood has some stained parts on the wood that is beautiful and they sustain and hold pigment.


Installing oak mantels

What you would need?

Oak wood

Tape measure


Sand paper

Screw driver


Caulk Gun(mainly for painting mantels)

Wood glue


Scribe boards

Before you install your mantel fireplace, ensure that you have all the required parts.Take the wood mantel shelf and place it upside down and ensure it is well combined with the cam-lock fasteners and screws.Assemble the legs to the shelves using the steel pins to the drilled holes.Use a screw driver to tighten the cam locks to the pins and ensure that you use wood glue in between the boards.Wood glue is used because the mantel is fixed on the wall permanently.Wipe off any glue that spills on the surface in order to have a clean look.The glue is allowed to dry for around 3 hours.A sand paper is then used to sand and varnish the wood to your desired look.At the wall, studs fasten the nailer and you can use a constructive adhesive to fasten it.Scribe boards are then placed on the mantel opening by cutting and nailing them on the inside edge of the mantel.Putty is used in the final stage to fill the nails to the holes.In the final stage, place the mantel on the wall and around the center of the firebox.Create a reference line that will determine the location of the nailer boards.Mantel sides have a thickness of three-quarter of an inch and you have to use this measurement for your mantel legs.Also, ensure that you use this measurement for the mantel shelves.

When making a mantel fireplace ensure that you follow the fire safety regulations.Mantel materials facing the firebox is non-combustible because of its measurements from the fireplace.When it comes to mounting it is safe to use a horizontal strip and a vertical strip for safety.

Uses of oak mantels

The chimney piece of the house has been in use since the ancient time as fireplaces where family members sit around it.Architectural features have been developed from the oak wood to create a very beautiful look even in the house.The decorative designs extend up to the ceilings.Sometimes they tend to create the interior design of a room.The architectural style can be traditional, American, Gothic, French, Classic, Italian etc.The oak mantels come in with a mantel shelf, mantel board, and a mantel piece.Fireplace oak mantels are one of the oldest wood made and they have an elegant look that can also be used in modern day homes.The wood comes in dark and light colors hence creating outstanding styles and designs.

Why is Oak Mantels a good choice?

A fireplace mantel made from oak is a good choice for your home because it creates a shelf that is placed on top of the firebox.The mantle piece has a mantle shelf and they come in a decorative outgoing look on the frames of the fireplace.Oak mantels are preferred since you can order for a prefabricated wood shelf.The choice of mantel wood you choose is very convenient because it comes with a DIY kit.Mainly it can also be reliable in snowy parts of the world.

Oak Mantel durability and its uniqueness

The oak being the commonly used wood is one of the most durable woods that gives a versatile and expensive look. From the way, oak fireplace mantels look they create a uniqueness by their carvings that are simple.The wood has the ability to avoid fungal infection.An oak tree has a durability time frame of 200 years and more and that is why it creates quality hardwoods for fireplaces.


Treating Oak Mantels

Oak wood is very durable in its nature and the only thing that can be done is fuming which is not very necessary.When installing the mantels you can have a color coat cover which will make you always have repeated coats for a lifetime.Staining of the wood from rain is avoidable by using oxalic acid after the mantel is exposed to the weather.There are some considerations that are analyzed to make oak mantels look natural:

Blackening comes as a result of water penetrating with the tanning content that is in the oak.

There is a difference created on the color when oak is exposed to wind, sun, and rain.

When oiling the oak wood, first use sand paper to allow oil to sink better into the pores of the wood.


Is it difficult to clean oak mantels?

No,  it is very easy to clean an oak mantels and hence it keeps on creating the attractive look.  To keep your Oak Mantel clean de-clutter it by removing all the items at the mantle.  Ensure at least once in a week you use a soft cloth to wipe the mantle.  When dusting use a furniture spray on a cloth and clean the mantle.  A cotton swab or a paintbrush can be used on scrollings that are hard to get to.  To clean the mantle deeply an oil based wood cleaner is used then later an oil layer applied.  In conclusion, oak mantels tend to create a traditional expensive attractive look on their fireplace. Oak mantels are not only used in traditional houses but also in modern built houses.



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